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There are many variations to the sport of Triathlon where we cater for those who, for example, may have difficulties with running or cycling.

Aquathon and Aquabike cater for these while, if the water is too cold or the weather is too bad to swim outdoors, we abandon the swim and opt instead for a Duathlon event.

All are challenging and the Transition is of course the 4th discipline, where many races are won or lost - transition is the area where we change from one discipline to the next.
All events are run at prescribed distances -

There's a Try-a-Tri for complete beginners, the most common distance raced is the Sprint and most triathletes will aim to do a Long Distance race at least once in their lives.

There are many every year and the most popular ones include the branded Ironman and Challenge Family events.

There are lower age limits on the events, Sprint Distance races are open to anyone over 16 while you need to be 18 to do anything longer. There is no upper age limit, in fact there are triathletes of all ages from 3 to 103 throughout the world.

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Youghal - About Triathlon
About Triathlon
Triathlon is a multisport event including Swimming, Cycling and Running.

The sense of achievement when you swim out of your depth for the first time is one thing but completing your first event brings a buzz that words simply can't describe...so you'll just have to see for yourself!

If you'd like to get fit, lose weight, improve your times, build up to that first event or just train for the fun of it all then get in touch today. Our new Junior section opened to members in June 2015 and we now accept members of all ages.

There's a warm welcome for new members - just click here to get in touch or drop in for a free taster session soon!
In South Coast Tri Club we host several events throughout the year, from talks by experts, to coached training sessions and in the area of race events we have our Duathlon in the spring, our Olympic Aquavelo in July and our Moby Dick Triathlons in September.

So, What are you waiting for? Join Us today or get in touch to book your first of 3 FREE taster sessions...We'd love to have you!

More information and a full starter's guide can be found here on the Triathlon Ireland website.