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National Championship Race 2018
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Youghal - Moby Dick Standard Aquavelo
National Championships 2018

Sun tbcth July
MOBY DICK STANDARD SWIM AQUAVELO - National Championships 2018
All you serious swimmers in need of a challenge - Your prayers have been answered!
Introducing our newest event - the Standard/Olympic Aquavelo.
From beneath our iconic lighthouse you'll swim a challenging 1500m before taking on a 26.6k cycle to finish.

Sun tbcth July 10:40am - to coincide with the Queen of the Sea Festival.          Entry limited to just 130 Places.            

details below...
       Swim Details - 1500m

After a few minutes to acclimatise, the swim will begin at 10:50 SHARP - this is tide-critical!
In the shadows of the iconic Youghal Lighthouse you'll swim southwards a short distance uptide, before turning left and crossing the mouth of the Blackwater River, also known as 'The Irish Rhine'. It's Ireland's second longest river, rising in Ballysdesmond on the Kerry border and was once a strategic route for supplies when Lismore was the regional administrative capital.

On the eastern side of the harbour we'll swim northwards past Monatray using the house on Ferrypoint as our sighting line to complete the longest leg of the swim, also marked by a series of large buoys affectionately known in South Coast our 'Minions'.

Final leg is back towards the town centre with exit on the slipway of the Market Dock behind the Tourist Office where you'll find T1 on the site where Oliver Cromwell departed from Ireland in 1650, having wreaked carnage on much of our country .

The two waves of 50 will be marshalled by a fleet of kayaks, rescueboards and safetyboats incuding the local RNLI Lifeboat.
> Leave all buoys on your left hand side, Triathlon Ireland red floating booms will guide you ashore.

       Bike Details - 26.6km

The out and back route to Killeagh, on the flat and fast N25 that we use in other events, is a large part of this but to get there we need to get you out of town safely.

Once mounted-up, head again for the lighthouse. Once past keep left to stay on the Strand road as if heading for Claycastle. Then it's up to Summerfield Cross and left out to Killeagh as in our other events.

On the return from Killeagh you'll follow signs for Waterford and stay on the N25 to climb the bypass.
- It's not as bad as it looks but makes up for the missing 13k!

Over the top it's a nice descent to the Rincrew Roundabout, in for Youghal and Finish at the Tourist Office/Market Square.
(beside Transition)

All key junctions will be marshalled and Gardai will try to offer right of way at the Rincrew Roundabout.

Below is an elevation profile of the entire route.

How do I Register? 

Registration is simple...
Just click into the Triathlon Ireland event calendar HERE and scroll down to the 16th July.
Select the Moby Dick Aquabike and you'll be prompted to register and pay for your race.

What's this about a One Day Membership?
This is your Triathlon Ireland Registration and Race Insurance for the day - Full details Here
If you're a fully registered TI member then you're OK - just bring your card on race day.

For safety we're limiting participation in this event to just 130 athletes, split into 2 waves with a large ratio of safety cover. Anyone considering this event should be satisfied that they can comfortably swim 2000m before signing up.

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Standard Aquavelo

1500m Swim - 27K Cycle
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Youghal Lighthouse - A background to the history...
Steeped in history, a light was first established on this outcrop in the 12th century (even before the Hook in 1172) to guide shipping in and out of Youghal - the then second-busiest port in Europe.

Though the exact location of the original light is uncertain it was replaced by the Geraldines in 1202 with a more substantial structure and was manned by the nuns of the nearby convent onwards from then.
Rumours abound about underground and undersea caves which connected the convent to both the light and the opposite side of the harbour but little evidence exists.

Today's structure standing close to its 13th Century predecessor was built in 1848 and was lit in 1852 - the same time as the nearby lights at Ballycotton and Mine Head.

Rising to 24m above high water it has a visible range of almost 20 miles from which its 2.5sec flash guides ships along Ireland's busy South Coast....(see what we did there!)

Youghal Lighthouse is an iconic symbol of the town of Youghal. It was automated in the 90's and transferred into the ownership of Cork County Council in 2013.

The starting point for today's swim is on the site of the old lifeboat station and offers unique views of the lighthouse and convent. Your entry to Youghal will be in the footsteps of the Vikings, the Normans and Walter Raleigh who brought potatoes and tobacco into Europe through the port of Youghal.

Graphics from Strava