Capel Island Swim

An Ocean 5K Swim - Tides, Currents, Cold.... It's NOT for the faint-hearted 
- A closed Club Members ONLY event with limited places

5K Capel Swim

This is a tough and challenging 5K tidal swim.

It's restricted to South Coast members who have completed a 4K swim at the beach within the preceding month and who declare that they are fit and able to take part.

No date can be set because we need a number of factors to collide which provide us with that Goldilocks moment.

Weather, Tides, Water Temperature, Water Quality and Safety Cover availability all have roles to play in calling it.

We'll prepare and train for a notional date in late June or early July and after that it's in the lap of the weather gods.

Once the signs look good we'll post the date on our closed member's media groups. Places will be limited by Triathlon Ireland ratios of safety craft to swimmers and allocated on a first come basis.

This challenge is FAR MORE than a 5K swim in the sea!
Youghal Bay has a number of quirky tidal streams and currents that can run at up to 5 knots at times...faster than sprint pace but can you sustain it for 3 hours?

The sea state can change dramatically in just 20 minutes and don't forget the dreaded jellyfish.

Get this one wrong and it won't end well!

2017 Event 

Photos from the 2017 Event

Top row:
Dave O'Brien shepherds Warren Terry from his kayak while John Innes swims away from the safetyboat having fuelled about 1K off Redbarn. Also shown is GPS track.
Safetyboat Crew: Kevin Daly, Amy Lynott & Jason Innes

Group photo after all arrived safely at Claycastle.
(L-R) Dean Ward and Ben Ingamells from Youghal Surf Lifesaving Club (safety cover), Mark Ward, Toni McCaul, Warren Terry, Vincent Lucey, John Innes, Dave O'Brien (safety kayak support and photos) and Ian Murphy