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National Championship Race 2018
South Coast Triathlon Club
Youghal - Club Training Duathlon
Club Duathlon  4k Run/18k Bike/4.8k Run
It's a Club Training Race for 2018.

Sunday tbcnd April - Farrell's Green, Summerfield - Starts 10AM SHARP!

         Run 1 - Details:

Run 1 is 4K out and back to the foot of the bypass on the R634.
The road will be closed to traffic for this leg of the race so you'll run out on the left lane and after the turnaround at the bypass you'll return inside the cones in the hard shoulder.
It's flat and fast but don't get carried away - you'll need to save something for later!

          Cycle Details

From Transition you must walk or run your bike out the top gate to the mount line. Onto your trusty steed down through Summerfield Cross turning right and outbound for Killeagh. The route is flat, rising and falling no more than 20m over it's length and between the bypass and Killeagh the surface is excellent.

We urge caution as you merge outbound with the N25 - it can be busy and narrows to a single lane for a bit so keep left and take care.

Slow down and keep left on approach to Killeagh in preparing for the turnaround at the entrance to the village. We'll have this well-marshalled for you so listen to what they tell you. Once turned you'll have a flat and fast return to T2, just take care not to miss the slip-road under the bypass, the Exit for Youghal!

Once under the N25 road-bridge you need to keep OUT into the main carriageway of the R634 - unless you're winning you'll be meeting athletes in the hard shoulder who are into their Run 2...the hard shoulder will be coned for these runners so DO NOT USE it, even if stopping.

Drafting is illegal so stay 10m clear of the bike in front or if passing them, do so within 20secs. If overtaken you must fall back to this 10m or risk a 2min time penalty for drafting....the Motorcycle officials will show a Blue card for this offence and you must stop at the penalty box for 2 minutes in your next transition.

That's another 18K in the bag! The End is nigh and you're going well...

           Run Route 2

Once you re-rack your bike it's the top exit again and down the hill to Summerfield Cross for the final time. Running on the right this time turn right and head for Killeagh using the coned-off hard shoulder.

You'll immediately be crossing over the returning cyclists (past transition-in) so pay attention to the marshals instructions here.

This leg is a 4.8K clockwise run with flat start followed by a serious climb in the middle third and finally a fast downhill kilometre to the finish line.

Spring Duathlon

date tbc
Get Directions in Google Maps
Arrive early and park at Claycastle Beach Car Park
(where our Triathlon happens in September)

NO PARKING anywhere else - Please!

Gather your kit and head for Race HQ at Farrell's Bar at Summerfield Cross.

Registration will be open from 8:30 to 9:40

Once registered you can rack your bike and get ready for your race.

Briefing will be at 09:50, immedialtely before the Start.

Toilets, Bag Drop, Refreshments will all be happening at Race HQ in Farrells Bar & Function Room

Transition closes at 09:45 and opens once the last cyclist has exited T2 on the final run
More Useful Info:

Based at Farrell's Bar in Summerfield this venue offers us access to indoor registration, toilets, transition in the carpark and presentation/refreshments in the function room after the race.

We'll send you more information in your pre-race email but take note of the following...
- No Parking anywhere except Claycastle Car Park (We'll have stewards and security there)
- Registration opens from 8:30 - come early to avoid the rush
- You'll need your TI Race Licence or proof of membership - insurance
- We're capping entries at 120 individual and 10 relays
- No Drafting on the bike
- No Littering on the course
- Race Starts at 10 SHARP - Ends at 12noon
- Refreshments afterwards in Farrell's at 12:30

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