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South Coast Triathlon Club always welcomes new members, from beginners to elites, we welcome all abilities and novices alike. we're a friendly ole bunch!

We cater to all ages and abilities, including Juniors, from age 8 to 80 - or 90 or....

Club Membership MUST also be accompanied by Triathlon Ireland membership.
Triathlon Ireland is the national governing body for triathlon and your membership provides you with the insurance required to train with us and to enter events throughout the year.

   Club Membership Rates

   Standard/Adult: €30

    Junior/Stud/Unemp/OAP: €20

      Family: €50

    You can join online at the same time as
       taking out your TI membership - Join Us HERE
Scroll to the bottom and select your year of birth to begin
Membership is from Jan 1st - Dec 31st annually.
Your age category is defined by your age on Dec 31st of the current year.

As you purchase your Triathlon Ireland membership you will be offered the option of choosing your club. Please select South Coast Triathlon Club from the dropdown and your club membership fee will automatically be added to your T.I. Licence fee so you can pay for everything at once.

Members are covered by Insurance for all T.I. sanctioned races, organised club training sessions and even when training alone.
- full details of the insurance cover provided can be found here.
Triathlon Ireland Membership Categories - explained...

Race Licence/Full Membership: €60
This membership is for people who train with a club and intends to race several times during the triathlon season. You are insured for club training, and to participate in all Triathlon Ireland events, without paying a one-day-licence.

Student Race Licence: €30
You have the same benefits as a Race Licence member, but you pay a reduced fee. This is only available to full time students.
Proof of student status will be required.

Junior Race Licence (17-19yrs): €20

Youth Licence (15-16yrs): €10

Kid’s Tri Licence (0-14yrs): €5

Non Racing: €20
This membership is for people who are involved with a club and may take part in some training sessions, but do not intend to race (or only participate in a couple of races). Although you are insured to train with a club, you will have to pay a one-day membership fee each time you race.

Once you have purchased your T.I. licence and SCTC Membership you are a full member of the club! WELCOME ABOARD!

The One Day Membership explained:
This is often a bit confusing but here goes...

Fully paid-up Club/TI members benefit from insurance which covers them for training and events and they don't need to buy a One-Day-Membership for any TI events.

Non members (and non-racing members) are always welcome to take part in events but some may only wish to do one or two events each year - for example committee members or athletes from other clubs who wish to support their local triathlon event.

A One-Day-Membership 'ODM' is available to buy online from TI when an athlete goes to sign up for their chosen event if they don't already have a sufficient TI/Club membership status. It's a temporary membership if you like!

ODMs cost €25 per event and MUST be bought before the Thursdsay night immediately before the chosen event. You must bring a valid PhotoID with your ODM to registration at the event otherwise you will not be allowed to participate. You can buy one HERE

Your first ODM costs just €10.

Kids ODMs are just €3
                                                                       (Prices correct at start of 2017 season)

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Adding Juniors to your membership can be done in the TI website.
Once you've taken Family membership for yourself just login to the members area and follow the links on the right-hand side of the page....

There's also a parental consent to be returned to TI
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