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Youghal - Moby Dick Kidathlon
Sat 22nd Sept
Calling all mini triathletes out there...There's a Moby Dick event for you too!
We have 4 kid's triathlons on the morning of our main event. With all the hype, goodie bags, prize categories and atmosphere of an adult race, we're catering to our club kid's section with 8-9's, 10-11's, 12-13's and 14-15's agegroups.

Kidathlon 2017 - Sat 22nd September - 10am                    (Adult Sprint Event - 2pm)

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       Swim Details - 100/200/300/400m

All swims will start from the beach and the route will be buoyed and manned by adults with boats and rescue boards for additional safety cover.

8 - 9s will swim a distance of 100m in a depth of around 1m, almost parallel to the shore. See white line >>>

10 - 11's will swim 200m on a parallel yellow route.

12 - 13's have a 300m swim on the green line.

14 - 15's, your race is 400m - see the red line.

Swims are Swims - they WILL be out of their depth!

Swim Out and Transition are in the same place as those for the adult sprint race.

Parents will be allowed to assist with wetsuits in a dedicated pre-transition pen.
       Bike Details - 2.5/6/8/10K

From Transition it's out the gate to the dis/mount line and onto Railway Bridge.
We'll ask parents to assist with marshalling this route, buddying up with our own marshals.

8-9's complete a 2.5K out and back  <> 10 - 11's do 6K  <> 12 - 13's it's 8K  <>  14 - 15's have a 10K which involves a lap

The road will be closed to traffic and heavily marshalled for the race.

       Run Details - 800m / 1.8K / 2.4K / 3K    -    FINISH on Youghal's Scenic Eco-Boardwalk!

8 -9's will leave transition, run along the boardwalk and promenade for 400m before a marshal will turn you back the way you came. 800m Total!

10 - 11's > You'll run along the eco boardwalk and continue to the Lifeguard Hut at Front Strand, turn around and back to finish 1.8K

12 - 13's > Boardwalk and Lifeguard hut but onwards to the end of the beach promenade (near the Lighthouse/Clancy's),

14 - 15's will run the Strand Loop starting out the gate and over the Railway Bridge to Summerfield Cross (Cox's). Turn right and run on the right along the R634 towards town, passing the Greyhound Track and following marshals instructions onto Front Strand Promenade behind Clancy's Restaurant.
Flat and fast you'll be finishing out the boardwalk. That's 3.1K - Good Job!

How do I Register?

Registration is simple...
Just click into the Triathlon Ireland event calendar HERE and scroll down to the 22nd September.
Select the Moby Dick Kidathlon for your child and you'll be prompted to register and pay for their race.

What's this about a One Day Membership?
This is a Triathlon Ireland Registration and Race Insurance for non-members - It's just €3 - Full details Here

So - What are you waiting for?
You can start training NOW, we have Kid's training sessions on Friday nights in Redbarn at 7:30pm.
Bookings will close on 16th Sept or when the event fills (Limit 150 places - Sold Out weeks in advance in previous years)
- Last cancellation/refunds 10th Sept.


8 - 9's : 9-11's : 12-13's : : 14-15's