Moby Dick Kidathlon
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 Notes for Parents/Guardians:
This event is limited to 150 places in total, it sells out fast and we cannot exceed these limits
Their Age Group is defined by the age they'll be on 31st Dec of the current year
You MUST accompany the children to registration where you'll receive a number that you will use to collect them at the finish line secure area - nobody else can collect them! They'll also be given a coloured wristband which corresponds to coloured balloons at their age-group turn-around points on the bike and run courses marshals will be watching-out for the kids to turn them accordingly but it would help if you could explain this to them beforehand
You are NOT ALLOWED in Transition - we have leaders and coaches to help them rack up and get ready for their races, we'll also help them through transition during the race, a separate pen is available where you may help them with wetsuit removal but after that let them be
They WILL be swimming out of their depth, children who can't swim will be allowed to race the bike and run but only after all swimmers in the category have passed through transition.
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       Swim Details - 100/200/300/400m
All swims will start from the beach and the course will be buoyed and manned by adults, safety boats and rescue boards for additional safety cover
8 - 9's will swim a distance of 100m in a depth of around 1m, almost parallel to the shore. See white line
10 - 11's will swim 200m on a parallel yellow route
12 - 13's have a 300m swim on the green line
14 - 15's, your race is 400m - see the red line
Swims are Swims - they WILL be out of their depth!
Swim Out and Transition are in the same place as those for the adult sprint race
Parents will be allowed to assist with wetsuits in a dedicated pre-transition pen
       Bike Details - 2.5/6/8/10K
From Transition it's out the gate to the dis/mount line and onto Railway Bridge
...We'll ask parents to assist with marshalling this route, buddying up with our own marshals for a front-row chance to cheer them on
8-9's complete a 2.5K out and back  <> 10 - 11's do 6K  <> 12 - 13's it's 8K  <>  14 - 15's have a 10K which involves a lap
Safety & Safeguarding: The road will be closed to traffic and heavily marshalled
       Run Details - 800m / 1.8K / 2.4K / 3K    -    FINISH on Youghal's Scenic Eco-Boardwalk!
8 -9's will leave transition, run along the boardwalk and promenade for 400m before a marshal will turn you back the way you came. 800m Total!
10 - 11's > You'll run along the eco boardwalk and continue to the Lifeguard Hut at Front Strand, turn around and back to finish 1.8K
12 - 13's > Boardwalk and Lifeguard hut but onwards to the end of the beach promenade (near the Lighthouse/Clancy's),
14 - 15's will run the Strand Loop starting out the gate and over the Railway Bridge to Summerfield Cross (Cox's). Turn right and run on the right along the R634 towards town, passing the Greyhound Track and following marshals instructions onto Front Strand Promenade behind Clancy's Restaurant.
Flat and fast you'll be finishing out the boardwalk. That's 3.1K - Good Job!