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Youghal - Training Sessions
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Sea Swims

- Claycastle Beach is where we're at and it offers a range of distances from 750m upwards

- We have a safety boat and marker buoys on the route and the beach is among the safest in Ireland

- Don't forget your TI Membership Card

- You MUST wear a brightly-coloured swim cap

- If you're in difficulty at any stage roll on your back and raise your fist for assistance

Training Calendar
Below is a typical week of club training sessions. It would be wise to subscribe to our member's facebook or twitter feeds and switch notifications on.
If we have to break from the routine for any reason we'll post there in ample time...other events, bad weather etc.

Bring a drink to take sips during sessions and something to eat immediately after. Never eat solid food less than 20 minutes before a swim.

Details of Winter Season sessions coming soon!
Pool Swim sessions
8 - 9pm @ Club Vitae
€30 for the season*
Also €30 to Club Vitae if not a member there
  Pre-Xmas it's all about technique.
  The New Year will target stamina, speed and endurance.
Spinning Sessions
8 - 9pm @ Aura
€25 for 6 sessions*
Spinning bikes will get the cadence up and some serios cardio done. If it's weight loss and toning you're after you 'll get all that plus more speed on the bike for 2018!
Running Sessions
7:15 - 8:15pm - Tower Park (home of Youghal AC)
€10 for the season*
Build strength and speed for improved form and fitness as well as a few PBs in 2018!
Cycle Spins > 40 - 120k
Group 1: 9am     ~100K @ 25kph
Group 2: 10am   ~50K @ 22kph
Group 3: 10:30   ~30K @ 18kph
- All leave from Farrell's Summerfield but watch facebook for updates or cancellations due to weather etc.
Meet for coffee on the road and return as a group by 1pm
Adult Swim - Claycastle
10am  - Weather permitting!

Session Rules

- Be on time - Keep your kit in working order (Bike brakes etc). 

- Sign-In for all sessions, it's a safety and Insurance/TI requirement.
- Open water swims - you must drop your TI Membership card in the box at the top of the ramp and collect it again when finished - it's for your safety!

- Visitors are welcome but they must sign in separately and can take part in 3 club sessions before they MUST take out their membership.

- Don't Litter >>> Take only photo's, Leave only footprints
* Special Offer - Swim, Bike & Run sessions - Get all 3 for just €50