Adult Training Sessions

These sessions are for adult MEMBERS only! 
- See Closed Facebook and WhatsApp groups for weekly details and regular updates

Wednesday nights at Club Vitae from 8-9pm

Summer:  (May - Oct)
- Claycastle Beach
Wednesday nights from 7-8pm
Sunday mornings 9-10am

3 Groups from Farrell's Summerfield on Saturday mornings

Group 1: 40K @ 18-20kph : 9am

Group 2: 70K @ 22-25kph : 10am

Group 3: 80K+ @ >25kph : 9am

All groups aim to be home by luchtime
Details sent on Fb and WhatsApp on Thursdays

Wednesday nights at Tower Park from 7-8pm

Summer:  (May - Oct)
- No formal club sessions as many self-train specific to their programmes.
Be sure to use member's media to look for run buddies if you ARE looking for some company out on the roads this summer.

Need a Plan? 
... a personalised training plan will keep you focussed, injury-free and get you ready to hit your target head-on.

Our sponsors iTriCoaching offer South Coast members a 10% Discount on all 1-2-1 plans, get yours here

SAFETY ADVICE from the coaches 

- wear a brightly coloured silicone hat
- swim parallel to the shore
- keep an eye on your position

- swim if feeling unwell
- if quality is less than Excellent
- swim alone


- wear Hi-Viz clothing and helmet
- lights front and rear - Be Safe be Seen!
- obey the Rules of the Road
- bring a spare tube, pump and toolkit
- bring a snack, drink and €5 for emergencies
- take a phone if going alone

Leave music/earphones at home


- Hi-Viz again - Be Safe Be Seen!
- on roads, face oncoming traffic
- use properly fitted shoes
- dynamic warm-up before main set
- going far? need a drink and a phone?

- Stop!

Always tell someone where you're going and when you hope to be back and remember...If it's not on Strava, it NEVER happened!

Check Water quality, Weather and Tides